Strategic partnership for work

Strategic partnership
for work

Strategic partnership
for work

Our team of executive assistants learns your business deeply to help you achieve your goals

How it works

Each client works with one executive assistant to support them at home at work.



Every relationship starts with a call to understand your goals and where we can help. We learn what's important to you and find the perfect assistant to partner with you.



Getting up to speed is often the hardest part of working with someone new. We have a guided onboarding to jumpstart our relationship while we help with your first tasks.



You and your EA build an ongoing partnership. Our goal is to be your right hand person. This involves regular check-ins and communication. We proactively help before you know you need it.

Our team & values

Our executive assistant team is made up of parents too! They understand what it takes to run a family and how important it is to get things right.

Sundays aims to provide a unique, flexible opportunity for parents to do meaningful work where traditional paid work doesn't fit their needs or priorities. We have a thorough vetting to find the very best assistants. We are a U.S. based team.


We take ownership of the work we do from start to finish. We are responsible for getting things done.


We don't wait to be told what to do. We look for opportunities to help you before you think of it.

Speed & Quality

We move as fast as you do, and we only do work that we would be happy to receive ourselves


We value clear, proactive communication. We have use the tools you're already comfortable with.


"Finding the right assistant felt like a struggle for quite a while. I tried full-time IRL, virtual in the Phillippines, and IRL part-time...and then something finally clicked when I met the founder of Sundays, Ashley Chang. Sundays is a new business model: affordable, on-shore, live EA support enhanced by powerful technology and smart, practical uses of AI.

I can't recommend them highly enough and it's been really exciting to see them grow."

Cameron Hardesty

Mom of 1 in Charlottesville, VA


Where is your team based?

Will I be working with a human?

How do you use technology and AI?

When is my EA availabile?

How much do I still have to do once I hand off a task?